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Defensive Driving Tips

Who Are These Defensive Driving Tips Coming From? In addition to having a strong and slightly odd passion for driving, I maintained a perfect safety record driving through all of the lower 48 United States in all weather conditions as a long-haul trucker. I’ve also completed advanced driving cours...
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16 Life Saving Driving Tips For Beginners

This list of driving tips for beginners was written by a certified driving instructor who is well versed in the dangers new drivers face. Here are 16 rules to safe driving that all young drivers need to know. #16 – A Safe Driver Is A Confident Driver It is natural to be nervous when you […]...
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New York Best and Worst Driving Cities

The state of New York regularly rates among the best in the country, from QuoteWizard national studies. Given that most of the nearly 20 million people in the state are condensed in urban area’s there’s not much room for speeding or car accidents. Most urban dwellers are using transit over drivi...
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Learning To Drive With Tourettes

imilarly to when driving with Autism or driving with ADHD, you must inform the DVLA about your medical condition when you apply for your provisional. They won’t discourage you from learning to drive with Tourettes or refuse your application; they just need to know whether they need to carr...
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How to Pass a Road Test in New York

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your DMV Road Test Driving Too Slow >>sometimes, you can be so busy worrying about speeding that you end up going too slow. But driving slowly can be just as much of a safety hazard as speeding. If cars are passing you, it’s time to speed up. Forgetting Abou...
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